SHAMAYIM Fashion Photographer Workshop.

Critically acclaimed and award winning fashion photographer Shamayim will take a new approach to his fashion photography workshops. If you enjoy the "Dear Photographers" post on his instagram then you will love this workshops. 

Prepare for two hours of information overload. Bring your pen and paper / voice recorder because Shamayim will be diving deep into all of the most important subjects that every fashion photographer desires to know. The purpose of this workshop is to enlighten and educate. This is not a photo shoot session, this workshop is strictly informational.

This Workshop Will Explore

  • Personal Portfolio review by SHAMAYIM
  • Mastering Marketing & Branding (Mastering social media and online brand identity)
  • Mastering Rates & Negotiation (Professional advice on how to competeively price your services)
  • Mastering Budgeting (managing finances)
  • Managing Talent (How to add maxium value to your models, team, agencies, clients, and collaborators)
  • Mastering your Financial and Professional Assets (How and when to inverst in gear, studio, legal assistance and accounting)
  • Mastering your Professional Workflow (Shamayim breaksdown his workflow for castings, call sheets,vision boards, contracts, and client assignments.)
  • Mastering Agency Relationships (Developing and maininting critically important relationships with model agencies and bookers.
  • Mastering Talent Casting (Selecting the right model for the assignment accorinding to skin, facial structure, and experience.)

There will be a Question and Answer period. Shamayim welcomes all questions in regards to fashion photography branding, marketing, operations, workflow, and organization.

Workshop Rate also includes

Sample contracts, vision boards, pose sheets, and call sheets for you to keep.

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Behind the scenes video of the Dec 2017 Dallas, TX Workshop