Puerto Rico Dates- June 27-July 1st

Welcome to Shamayim’s Puerto Rico Photo Shoot Expedition. This page will provide you with a comprehensive list of details for the upcoming project. Please only get your information from Shamayim directly or from a member of SHAMAYIM Studios staff. Shamayim will be working with each model in a different capacity so please do not rely on information from another attending model.

Need to know.

The primary objective of an expedition is work. Call times will be early and shoots will last the majority of the day. Expeditions are NOT vacations. Shamayim does try to provide time for everyone to enjoy themselves and relax AFTER the shoots are completed.

Models Please Bring the Following

  • Makeup Kit (Even though we have a scheduled Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist still bring own makeup and hair essentials)

  • Shoes- Sandals, boots, heels in a variety of styles and colors

  • Wardrobe is provided but we encourage you to contact designers to pull additional pieces for your shoots. The more wardrobe you have the more images you will have for your portfolio/

  • Back Pack- For carrying your essentials on location

Lodging Details

Villas del Mar, Loiza Calle 187, Rio Grande, Loíza 00745

3 bedroom 'walk-up' penthouse apartment in Villas del Mar - one of Puerto Rico's first 'beach condo' complexes on Loiza Beach. 

has beach access, a nice pool, hot tub, gym & sauna

Lodging- Shamayim, Najae, Erlien, Mariana, Briana, Jevaughn.

Contacting Shamayim in Puerto Rico

To contact Shamayim while in Puerto Rico you can mobile call via wifi on whatsapp. His business number is 9145863801.


Expedition Schedule

June 27th- Arrival Date

Shamayim will arrive in Puerto Rico at 11:40am on Southwest Flight 1544

Briana will arrive in Puerto Rico at 2:13 pm on Frontier

Najae TBA

June 28th- Shoot Day- Old San Juan

Marina Arrives at 12:40pm

Old San Juan

June 29th- Shoot Day- La Perla

Will be working with photographers Jevaughn, Brandon, and Nina

June 30th-Shoot Day- Aquadilla

July 1st- Departure


The following images were taken by SHAMAYIM During his previous expeditions. Please study the images and familiarize yourself with Shamayim’s style of editorial location fashion photography.