San Juan June 29 2019

Meeting Address

Starbucks (Old San Juan) Address363 Calle de Tetuan #1, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Contacting Shamayim in Cape Town

To contact Shamayim while in Puerto Rico you can mobile call via wifi on whatsapp. His business number is 9145863801.


Please keep your gear simple. We HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT carry around a lot of photography equipment.

All Shoot Locations are within walking distance of the initial meeting area. Please come prepared to do a lot of walking. Bring great walking shoes you will need them. Pack lightly you will need to be very mobile.

Wardrobe will be provided but if you wish to have unique looks separate from the other photographers we suggest that you bring your own unique looks.

Makeup will be determined by the HMUA

Please bring an additional bag to carry your wardrobe looks in.


Expedition Schedule

7am Meeting at Starbucks


Meeting at Starbucks


1st Shoot Destination- San Cristobal




2nd Shoot Destination- La Perla


3rd Shoot Destination- Old San Juan