Paris Expedition Details

Arrival Details

Contacting Shamayim in Paris

To contact Shamayim while in Paris send him a message via iMessage (, Instagram, Facebook , or snapchat. You can mobile call via wifi on snapchat and iMessage. His phone mobile service will not be available in Paris so message him via any of those listed means.

Lodging Details

Hôtel du Prince Eugène

247 Boulevard Voltaire
Paris, 75011

Check In is at 3pm

Check In Details

Shamayim and Ryan (Shamayim will be checking in)

Zakia  (Zakia will be checking in)

Jeremy (Jeremy will be checking in)

Transportation to Lodging

Taxi or Uber is available at your airport

Arrival Schedule

Shamayim (ORY) 10am

Jeremy  (CDG) 1:05 pm

Ryan (CDG) 8:05 am

Zakia (CDG) 9:40am


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Expedition Schedule

May 22

Arrival to Paris

MAY 23

Shoot Day

MAY 24

Shoot Day

May 25


Project Details //


The purpose of this project is to elevate your portfolio with dynamic fashion photography shot on location in a dynamic setting. The expedition provides the opportunity for models and fashion professionals to collaborate together to create images that will be beneficial to all collaborators.Expeditions are created to be social projects. This means that you will be interacting with a lot of people that you may have never met. To get the most out of this experience a positive energy is required. Leave your egos at home and bring your creativity, wanderlust, and ambition.  

Expedition Rate

Your Quoted rate includes:

  • Your lodging for duration of the Expedition. 
  • Production Fees*
  • Project Manager Fees**

* Production Fees include the cost associated with organizing the expedition and the individual photo shoots. This may include additional equipment that needs to be rented. Photo Editing. Agent fees. Shipping fees.

** Project Manager Fees include the commission of a designated person who is responsible for all of the project details and organization. A person who's total responsibility is making certain that this project runs effortlessly for the team so that each person can focus on their primary goal, elevating their body of work.

Not included in your Expedition Rate.

Flights are not included in your expedition rate. The Project manager can assist you with purchasing discounted airline flights for an additional fee. Transportation, Food, Tourism Expenses, Location Admissions and Personal Expenses are also not included in this rate. We will try our best to give you an estimated quote of how much you should prepare for additional expenses.

Don’t forget your passport, traveler’s checks, ATM and/or credit cards, adequate ID, and photocopies of all of the aforementioned in case these documents are lost or stolen. Also check that you have any of the following that might apply to you: a driver’s license; travel insurance forms; ISIC .

Prepare a personal first aid kit. Bring along a small kit containing first aid materials like Band-Aids, ChapStick, some antibiotic ointment, an ace bandage and a roll of white medical tape. If you require anything other than those items, then you should probably seek medical attention. With the physical activities available during the expedition, you don't want a cut or a bruise slowing you down! If you take medications and your prescriptions are in need of a refill, make sure you remember to have it filled before you leave for the expedition. Some pharmacies may give you a difficult time if you're going to be on vacation when your prescription runs out. They may refuse to fill the refill early. For this situation, you may need to talk to the pharmacy's manager and show him your reservation plans or get your doctor to speak to the pharmacy. This could take a few days for them to get this ironed out, so don't wait until the last minute before taking care of this.


There are 2 photographers on this expedition Shamayim and Ryan Alston. When you are not shooting with Shamayim you will be working with Ryan. Ryan has trained under Shamayim for over a year. You are in great hands with Ryan.


Kirsten Thompson is the scheduled stylist for the shoot IG @kiri_elle_tee

Photographers if you have specific concepts for the models, you need to arrange wardrobe for that concept.

Models it is recommended that you contact designers and ask them if you can pull from them for your shoots. 

Makeup / Hair

There is not a registered Makeup / Hair Stylist for this Expedition. Models come prepared to do your own makeup and hair. If you would like to arrange a mua for your shoots we can commission one for you for $125. Please let us know ASAP.


Public transportation is available throughout Paris via bus and subway. It is the least expensive way of getting from one place to another. Shamayim prefers to take taxi or Uber. It is easier and efficient but more expensive. He suggest splitting the price of Uber / Taxi amongst the team. There will also be a lot of walking throughout Paris so please come prepared for that.

Behind the Scenes from the Previous Paris Expedition //