Thank you for choosing Shamayim to develop your professional modeling portfolio. 

Jennifer (Sep 28) Half Day Session

Location // HQ Pixel 23 Meadow St Brooklyn NY

Your scheduled session is planned for 10am-1pm on Sep 28 (Please note to arrive exactly at your call time. The studio does not permit early arrivals)

Upon Arrival please call the following number 914-586-3801. Someone will meet you downstairs.

SESSION DETAILS One session is between 0-3 hours. Each booked session includes two looks photographed by SHAMAYIM. Your session includes One Portrait and One Fashion image. A Portrait is your "headshot". If you review most model's agency portfolio, usually this shot is the first image you see. The Portrait is also primarily the cover shot for a model's comp-card. The fashion shot is your full body fashion shot. You will receive all of the "raws/unedited images" from your session with SHAMAYIM. Your session will also include professional edits, one for each look. The included edits are selected by Shamayim. All edits are done in the traditional style of SHAMAYIM's work. Any additional edits you would like can be purchased below in the ‘Additional Services’ section.

SHAMAYIM’s Style Shamayim has over a decade of professional experience developing models and their portfolios. SHAMAYIM Studios has developed affordable session packages that will assist with the professional portfolio development of models of all experience levels. The aim of these packages is to provide the model with classic, strong, and marketable images that they can utilize, in any market. Shamayim works with efficiency, he does not take very long to produce the images. He is focused on getting specific shots, not “many shots”. You can only utilize one image from any particular look in your portfolio and so Shamayim focuses on getting the strongest image of that look, rather than shooting a lot of images that you cannot really utilize. Shamayim will assist with direction during your session but it is your responsibility to bring good energy, personality and at least a minimum knowledge of what is required of a model on set.

It is imperative that you understand that you are working with a professional FASHION photographer. Shamayim’s speciality is fashion. We recommend that each model research Shamayim’s work prior to your session date. We recommend that each model researches the basics of pose and expression for fashion photography prior to your session with Shamayim. It is important for you to understand that Shamayim utilizes the exact same techniques on all of his model sessions regardless of the experience level of the model. Your results will be determined by your performance during your session.

What to Expect Shamayim is always working on multiple projects at once. He is always training new assistants so there may be additional photographers on set in training with Shamayim during your session. This is a great opportunity for you to learn how Shamayim gives direction and instruction. Designers and other fashion creatives are often in and out on his sets. You never know who may come by during your session.

What you Need to Bring It is required that each model bring

  • A minimum selection of 2-3 shoes (boots / heels).

  • Nude and Black Undergarments.

  • Strapless bra (If applicable)

  • Lotion / Body Sheen

  • Clean Nails / Nude

  • Backup Makeup (in the event that your makeup artist cancels)

Additional Services (Optional) // Must be booked 5 days prior to your session

Please note that makeup artist and hair stylist are independent of Shamayim and SHAMAYIM Studios. In the event that a creative cancels you will be refunded the price in which you paid for that creative’s service. Cancellation of a beauty creative does not cancel your session with Shamayim. Your booking terms of agreement do not apply to any additional services. You are always welcome to secure your own team and wardrobe for your session.

Wardrobe Pull Shamayim’s in house team will pull you wardrobe from designers or showrooms for your session.

Below is a sample of what a photo shoot session with SHAMAYIM is like. (The following includes professional models)

On location at SHAMAYIM Studios with fashion photographer Shamayim during his model portfolio development.

SHAMAYIM has proudly developed models from the world's premium modeling agencies.

Shamayim has worked with many of todays top models, several of which he worked with early in their careers to help build their portfolios.