SHAMAYIM Presents Introduction to Fashion Modeling

Critically acclaimed and award winning fashion photographer Shamayim will host his Introduction to Fashion Modeling Class Series in 2019 for aspiring models interested in a career within the fashion and beauty market. Shamayim will utilize his 15 years of experiencing developing the careers of models and his extensive network of industry insiders to host a class that will offer a “no-filter” education on how to build your brand as a professional fashion model. This is the class to join if you have questions that you cannot find answers to online. Shamayim will break down many of the challenges that aspiring models encounter early on in their pursuit of becoming professional models.

Part One / The Business of Modeling

  • Learn critical terminology for the industry

  • Learn the essentials of pay. The math behind how model’s get paid.

  • Learn a simple and highly effective way to generate client leads.

  • Learn how to nurture a relationship with modeling agencies.

  • Learn who your target clients are and who not to waste time promoting your work to.

  • Learn methods on how to protect yourself financially and professionally.

  • Learn methods on how to get published by reputable fashion publications when you’re not represented by an agency.

  • Learn the difference between contracts and independent assignment pay.

Part Two / Building a Professional Portfolio

  • Shamayim reviews your portfolio and recommends ways in which you can make it stronger for the fashion market.

  • Learn how to develop your portfolio for a specific market.

  • Learn how to select the right photographer for the right images.

  • Learn how to save money and still build a strong portfolio.

  • Learn how to determine which market is best for your particular look and talents.

  • Learn how to identify professional marketable images from amateur images.

Part Three / Personal Branding and Social Media

  • Learn how to establish a strong and positive personal brand on and off social media.

  • Learn the steps to get maximum exposure of your work online / offline.

  • Learn how to Market your unique style.

  • Learn how to organically build your fanbase and why it is important.

  • Learn how to generate and manage critical professional relationships.

    Select classes will feature a special guest SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY

    • A model agent from the industry’s leading modeling agencies will discuss what agencies are looking for from new faces and the process to be represented by a leading agency.

    • A professional fashion model will discuss with aspiring models their real-life experiences from new face to working professionally.

    • A fashion brand creative director /designer will share their process in casting models for jobs.

SHAMAYIM has proudly developed models from the world's top modeling agencies.

Shamayim has worked with many of today’s top models, several of which he worked with early in their careers to help build their portfolios.

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