Egypt Expedition Dec 30th-Jan 4th

This is Shamayim’s 5th expedition to Egypt. Each time is different from the last in many ways. Our team does their best to prepare for these large expeditions but we ask that each person understands that some things cannot be planed for. Shamayim and his teams have never had a dangerous situation take place while in Egypt. The expedition always travels as a group and always maintains a level of communication via phone. This page will be updated over the next several weeks as we finalize more details.

Arrival Details

Cairo International Airport (CAI)

Everyone must obtain tourist Visa upon arrival. The visa is $25 USD in Cash.

Mohamed Hamza is our Egyptian Project Organizer

Upon arrival at the airport you can proceed to your hotel.

Contacting Shamayim in Egypt

To contact Shamayim while in Egypt send him a message via iMessage (, Instagram, Facebook , or snapchat. You can mobile call via wifi on whatsapp. His international number is 9176868429 (only accessible while international).. His phone mobile service will not be dependable in Egypt so message him via any of those listed means.


All hotel rooms are double occupancy.

Things To know

Cairo / Giza will be hot. very hot. 100 degrees on average. Please pack accordingly. Nights can get very chilly.

Please take notice. Please research and respect the cultural laws of Egypt and the Egyptian people. 

Each individual is responsible for their own behavior. 

Laws change in Egypt often.


Egypt has strict policies on journalist. If you are a photographer and it looks like you are documenting the place you may be questioned by authorities. You are not in Egypt for a job! You are in Egypt as a tourist and to take images for your portfolios. Please keep it simple. We HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT carry around a lot of photography equipment. We do not recommend you bring reflectors, strobes, tripods, drones, large film cameras, large lenses, etc. Shamayim never uses any of that gear while in Egypt and he has no issue with getting the shot he wants.


Beauty Professionals you are not allowed to setup your makeup / hair on location in Egypt. All Makeup / Hair must be done prior to leaving your hotel / lodging.

Team - This section will be updated once team members submit their profile images.

Expedition Schedule

Dec 29

Shamayim Arrives 12:05 pm Egypt Air

Dec 30

Arrival Day. No scheduled Shoots. Group Meeting to take place at hotel.

Dec 31

Tourist / Scouting Day

Jan 1

Shoot Day

Jan 2

Shoot Day

Jan 3

The Saladin Citadel of Cairo and Khan el-Khalili is a major souk in the Islamic district of Cairo. The bazaar district is one of Cairo's main attractions for tourists and Egyptians alike. Both are free admission only cost is $10 for transportation.

Jan 4

Departure Day


Project Details //

SHAMAYIM Studios has organized the expedition but everyone is attending the expedition as an independent and is responsible for their own actions.

SHAMAYIM Studios is NOT held responsible for the individual safety of any individual and is not liable in the case that you are hurt or harmed during the expedition.

You are subject to ALL governmental laws.

If SHAMAYIM Studios or it’s representatives feel as though anyone has engaged in any illegal activity, reckless endangerment, or hostile activity or behavior during the expedition we have the full jurisdiction to remove that individual from the lodging, group, and expedition as a whole without refund or compensation.


The purpose of this project is to elevate your portfolio with dynamic fashion photography shot on location in a dynamic setting. The expedition provides the opportunity for models and fashion professionals to collaborate together to create images that will be beneficial to all collaborators.Expeditions are created to be social projects. This means that you will be interacting with a lot of people that you may have never met. To get the most out of this experience a positive energy is required. Leave your egos at home and bring your creativity, wanderlust, and ambition.  

Expedition Rate

Your Quoted rate includes:

  • Your lodging for duration of the Expedition.

  • Production Fees*

  • Project Manager Fees**

* Production Fees include the cost associated with organizing the expedition and the individual photo shoots. This may include additional equipment that needs to be rented. Photo Editing. Agent fees. Shipping fees.

** Project Manager Fees include the commission of a designated person who is responsible for all of the project details and organization. A person who's total responsibility is making certain that this project runs effortlessly for the team so that each person can focus on their primary goal, elevating their body of work.

Not included in your Expedition Rate.

Flights are not included in your expedition rate. The Project manager can assist you with purchasing discounted airline flights for an additional fee. Transportation, Food, Tourism Expenses, Location Admissions and Personal Expenses are also not included in this rate. We will try our best to give you an estimated quote of how much you should prepare for additional expenses.

Additional Fees

If you are not attending the tour with the group There is a price to enter the Great Pyramids. Roughly 80 Egyptian Pounds ($5 USD)

Don’t forget your passport, traveler’s checks, ATM and/or credit cards, adequate ID, and photocopies of all of the aforementioned in case these documents are lost or stolen. Also check that you have any of the following that might apply to you: a driver’s license; travel insurance forms; ISIC .

Prepare a personal first aid kit. Bring along a small kit containing first aid materials like Band-Aids, ChapStick, some antibiotic ointment, an ace bandage and a roll of white medical tape. If you require anything other than those items, then you should probably seek medical attention. With the physical activities available during the expedition, you don't want a cut or a bruise slowing you down! If you take medications and your prescriptions are in need of a refill, make sure you remember to have it filled before you leave for the expedition. Some pharmacies may give you a difficult time if you're going to be on vacation when your prescription runs out. They may refuse to fill the refill early. For this situation, you may need to talk to the pharmacy's manager and show him your reservation plans or get your doctor to speak to the pharmacy. This could take a few days for them to get this ironed out, so don't wait until the last minute before taking care of this.