Puerto Rico Workshop Retreat  We welcome you to the 2019 SHAMAYIM Puerto Rico Photography Workshop sponsored by Canon and Profoto. This is an All-Inclusive Workshop that provides photographers of all skill levels the opportunity to develop their portfolios, artistic style, industry knowledge, and their professional branding ; in order to compete in the highly demanding fashion photography sector of the fashion industry. You will work directly with Shamayim and his team throughout the three day workshop. This All-Inclusive Workshop provides you with everything you need for a successful and productive experience. Professional models will be booked from New York and Miami markets for the photo shoot sessions of the workshops. A Makeup Artist will be on-hand for the full duration of the workshop. Wardrobe from top international designers will be provided for your sessions. Lodging is included at an exclusive neighborhood of the Greater San Juan area. Transportation is provided for you while you're in Puerto Rico. Camera, lighting, and lenses provided by Canon and Profoto will be available for you (or you can bring any camera or gear of your personal collection). Your workshop includes a 2 day natural light workshop session with Shamayim, a Business Workshop Session with Shamayim, a Portfolio Review session with Shamayim, and a Studio Lighting Workshop Session with Shamayim. This Workshop is only available for 6 photographers. Once all 6 spots have been filled , registration will be closed.

Dates Puerto Rico / Feb 15-18 2019 

Airport // San Juan International Airport (SJU)

No Passport Required for US Residents

Workshop Includes

Lodging at exclusive tropical home in Greater San Juan

  • Double Room Occupancy at Exclusive Tropical Home located in Greater San Juan.
  • Private Tropical Pool available for photo shoots and relaxation
  • Lodging Includes Breakfast for duration of your workshop.

Access to Professional Agency Models, Makeup Artist, and Wardrobe

  • 3-4 professional models will be in attendance for the natural light and studio lighting sessions of the workshop. All models are agency standard fashion models. Models will be selected from top agencies in NYC and Miami
  • High End Editorial Wardrobe will be provided from Shamayim's in-house editorial team.
  • Makeup Artist for each session.

Business Workshop Session

  • Personal Portfolio review by SHAMAYIM
  • Mastering Marketing & Branding (Mastering social media and online brand identity)
  • Mastering Rates & Negotiation (Professional advice on how to competeively price your services)
  • Mastering Budgeting (managing finances)
  • Managing Talent (How to add maxium value to your models, team, agencies, clients, and collaborators)
  • Mastering your Financial and Professional Assets (How and when to inverst in gear, studio, legal assistance and accounting)
  • Mastering your Professional Workflow (Shamayim breaksdown his workflow for castings, call sheets,vision boards, contracts, and client assignments.)
  • Mastering Agency Relationships (Developing and maininting critically important relationships with model agencies and bookers.
  • Mastering Talent Casting (Selecting the right model for the assignment accorinding to skin, facial structure, and experience.)

Portfolio Review Session

  • Shamayim will work with each photographer to optimize their portfolio for client and branding marketability.

Two Day Natural Light Workshop Session

  • Mastering model direction and interactions for location shoots
  • Mastering multiple natural lighting conditions 
  • Mastering post-shoot workflow for location shoots
  • Mastering Natural Lighting (working distance, camera settings, creative and efficient angles)
  • Mastering Light modifier selections for natural lighting
  • Mastering Color Theory for natural lighting
  • Mastering Model-photographer interaction for location shoots
  • Mastering Motion/Emotion/Mood/Feeling for location productions
  • Mastering Posing and Composition for location productions

One Day Studio Lighting Workshop Session

  • Mastering model direction and interactions for fashion
  • Mastering multiple lighting setups for fashion
  • Mastering post-shoot workflow
  • Mastering Fashion Lighting (working distance, power settings, creative and efficient angles)
  • Mastering Light modifier selections
  • Mastering Camera settings for fashion photography
  • Mastering Color Theory for fashion
  • Mastering Model-photographer interaction
  • Mastering Motion/Emotion/Mood/Feeling
  • Mastering Execution of concept and flow
  • Mastering Posing and Composition

The following Gear will be accessible to photographers during the workshop


Workshop Rate is $1500 if registered by Aug 17 // Workshop Rate after Aug 17 is $2,000

Payment Plans are available for this expedition with a 10% processing fee. The Payment Plan breaks down the total workshop rate into 5 payments over 5 months.

Joining a SHAMAYIM Photo Shoot Workshop is a personal career investment. The workshop rates are always priced affordably so that most photographers can afford to take advantage of the opportunity to travel and build a stronger professional body of work and gain insider industry knowledge.

Your Workshop Rates include:

  • 3 Nights Lodging
  • Breakfast
  • Transportation to and from the airport 
  • Model booking
  • Wardrobe
  • Makeup Artist Booking
  • 2 Natural Light Workshop Settings
  • 1 Business Workshop Session
  • Portfolio Review
  • Access to Gear

* Production Fees include the cost associated with organizing the expedition and the individual photo shoots. This may include additional equipment that needs to be rented. Photo Editing. Agent fees. Shipping fees.

** Project Manager Fees include the commission of a designated person who is responsible for all of the project details and organization. A person who's total responsibility is making certain that this project runs effortlessly for the team so that each person can focus on their primary goal, elevating their body of work.

Not included in your Expedition Rate.

Flights are not included in your expedition rate.  Personal Transportation is not included (This includes taxis, bus, train, etc). Food, Tourism Expenses, Location Admissions and Personal Expenses are also not included in this rate. We will try our best to give you an estimated quote of how much you should prepare for additional expenses.


Once your registration form has been submitted and approved by Shamayim's project manager we will provide you with a custom payment link.

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Cancellation Policy *
Cancellation: (a) The Client will be required to complete a Booking Form, upon receipt of the booking form, SHAMAYIM Studios will send an email as confirmation. Once initial payment has been received the booking will then be considered Confirmed. (b) As a result, once a booking is Confirmed, there are no refunds on sessions. All session rates are immediately applied to your production fees. In the event that the client must cancel their attendance, they have the option to find another individual to take their spot for the session and take on their payment obligations. (c) In the event of an emergency, the client may cancel and transfer their production fee another session by SHAMAYIM Studios within 14 days. All contributing parties in your session that are not employees of SHAMAYIM Studios (including but not limited to makeup artist, hair stylist, models, wardrobe stylist, designers, assistants, etc.) are considered independent contractors and NOT included in the Cancellation Policy. * Please check that you agree and acknowledge the Cancellation Policy