Puerto Rico 2018


Feb 2nd-5th 2018

Meet the Team



The Penthouse address is 189 Rd, KM 6.6 Bo. Colobo Aquatika Ocean View #5403 Loiza, 00772

Shamayim has rented a beautiful beach penthouse located in northeast side of Puerto Rico. Aquatika, located only 35 minutes away from the San Juan International Airport, is a magnificent 24 hours gated community that has direct access to the beach, 5 pools (including Water Park, water slide and River Pool), gym, playgrounds, mini golf (18 holes), hot tub, basketball, tennis courts, gazebos and more. 

Steps away from the River Pool this penthouse is fully furnished, fully-equipped kitchen, dining and living area, 3 bedrooms with A/C, 2 bathrooms, balcony and two assigned parking spaces. Also, an astonishing view from the Terrace is amazing, including the BBQ that is not allowed at the other balcony units.

Within 10-25 driving distance you will find The Outlet, U.S. National Park El Yunque, Hacienda Carabalí for horseback riding, mountain bike, go-carts and 4 tracks guided tours, Wyndham Rio Mar Hotel & Casino with 2 courses and more…Old San Juan is 40 minutes away.

Bedroom 1: Shamayim

Bedroom 2: Models / Syediah

Bedroom 3: 2 Photographers

Den has couch bed: 1 Photographer

Things to Know

  • Photographers if you haven't spoken to Syediah by now for the wardrobe you will have to shoot what she has scheduled.
  • Models, please come ready for some swim looks.
  • Models, please come with clean nails and nude or clear polish.
  • Models, please bring your makeup and hair products.
  • There is NO WIFI at the penthouse.
  • Photographers, please do not forget your cameras, batteries, computers, external hard drives, memory cards.
  • Everyone will be held liable for property damages on the penthouse. This means that your name is on the liability account if you stay at the penthouse.
  • There will be a shooting schedule issued. Each photographer will have assigned times to shoot with a model. This prevents wardrobe from being shot twice by different photographers. No two photographers should have the same look on a model.
  • Each photographer will be the director of their own shoots, concepts, and production. We ask that each photographer respect another photographers vision and NOT shoot over another photographer's shoulder.
  • Photographers ask your models what kind of images do they need / Models ask your photographers what kind of images do they need/ Everyone ask the wardrobe stylist what she needs.
  • Photographer's are encouraged to organize wardrobe according to their own visions. 
  • Everyone please reach out to the wardrobe stylist Syeidah on her instagram @styledby_sy to discuss wardrobe and what to bring.
  • Drones and strobes are permitted to shoot on the secluded locations such as the beach and La Perla locations but NOT in the forts or Old San Juan area without permits.
  • No illegal drugs are allowed at all on any part of this expedition. That includes marijuana.
  • Any unlawful activities, violence in anyway, or inappropriate behavior while on set or in the penthouse will result in police intervention. This is for the protection of the whole.
  • There will be a schedule for the expedition that will compliment the whole group. Please do not exceed designated call times.
  • Please make certain you at least three people within the group has your direct contact number.
  • We must move as a group when on location. Our transportation will not wait on tardy individuals, we want everyone to have enough time to get their shots. This can not be if one or two people are tardy to a call time.
  • Everyone is responsible for helping the wardrobe stylist transport and maintain the wardrobe, this includes models and photographers. 
  • There will be a $5 per day Gas / parking fee for each person utilizing the rental car. This is not included in your project fee. You can utilize public transportation if you wish to.
  • Photographers do not ask the models to shoot nude. If the models wish to shoot nude they will let you know, please do not ask.
  • On a lighter note,

The Expedition /Retreat is not all about work. We encourage everyone to enjoy themselves. Shamayim knows Puerto Rico very well, utilize his knowledge. Enjoy the penthouse and the resort, get some relaxation in, network, collaborate, make new friends. Each person attending is here to develop themselves and their career.


FEB 2nd

Flight Schedule

  • Tarik // Feb 1 at 11:28 am (JetBlue 1953) // Departure Feb 5 at 1:15pm
  • Kevin // Feb 2 at 10:44 am (JetBlue 1403) // Departure Feb 5 11:44am
  • Rucely // Feb 2 at 12:02pm (JetBlue 861) // Deaprture Feb 5 12:47 pm
  • Syeidah // Feb 2 at 12:51pm (JetBlue 1203) // Departure Feb 5 1:51 pm
  • Shamayim // Feb 2 at 1:40pm (SouthWest 2024) // Departure Feb 5 at 2:30 pm
  • Uniqua //  Feb 2  at 2:12pm (Spirit NK 301) // Departure Feb 5 5:44 pm
  • Armand // Feb 2 at 9:30pm (American Airlines 2481) // Departure Feb 5 2:44 pm

After the day arrivals meet up, Shamayim will take everyone to the penthouse for check-in. 

After check-in Shamayim will take the group to a grocery store to stock up on snacks and food for the duration of the expedition. We suggest you buying breakfast food, portable snacks for while you're on location, and a lot of bottled water.

7pm Dinner at the local beach restaurant. During dinner we will have introductions and Shamayim will discuss the details of the shoot schedule and review concepts.

Once everyone arrives back to the penthouse models must immediately meet with Syeidah for fittings. At this time photographers you need to organize your wardrobe looks for the models and prepare your gear for the next day.

Armand will meet at the Penthouse once he arrives at 9:30pm

FEB 3rd

Breakfast will take place at the Penthouse.

9am Old San Juan.


11am-2pm with Shamayim // 2pm-5pm with Armand


11am-2pm with Kevin // 2pm-5pm with Tarik

6pm We will have dinner at Raices in Old San Juan (food on average about $20). 

Return to penthouse and prep for next day shoots

FEB 4th

Breakfast will take place at the Penthouse.

9am Loiza Beach Shoots


11am-2pm with Armand // 2pm-5pm with Shamayim


11am-2pm with Kevin // 2pm-5pm with Tarik

FEB 5th

Departure from the penthouse 9:30am


On location with fashion photographer SHAMAYIM during his 2016 Puerto Rico photo shoot expedition.

Images from the Previous Puerto Rico Expedition