SHAMAYIM Photography Workshops

HQpixel : Daylight Studio
23 Meadow St
Brooklyn NY 11206

Call time is 1:30pm-5:30pm

June 3 2018



This is a 4 hour workshop. Bring your camera and gear because you will be shooting and learining techniques for this full session.

This Workshop Will Explore

  • Mastering model direction and interactions for fashion
  • Mastering multiple lighting setups for fashion
  • Mastering post-shoot workflow
  • Mastering Fashion Lighting (working distance, power settings, creative and efficient angles)
  • Mastering Light modifier selections
  • Mastering Camera settings for fashion photography
  • Mastering Color Theory for fashion
  • Mastering Model-photographer interaction
  • Mastering Motion/Emotion/Mood/Feeling
  • Mastering Execution of concept and flow
  • Mastering Posing and Composition

There will be a Question and Answer period. Shamayim welcomes all questions in regards to studio fashion photography settings, setup, breakdown, direction, and production.

Workshop Rate also includes

Sample light diagrams, vision boards, pose sheets, and call sheets for you to keep.

Previous SHAMAYIM Photography Workshops

SHAMAYIM - NYC Photographer Workshop on Oct 2016. 

On set with fashion photographer SHAMAYIM during his Feb 2017 Photography Work Shop. Directed and Produced Bryant L