Jamaica 2018

Greetings everyone. This page is dedicated to the details of the upcoming Jamaica Expedition. This page will be updated weekly with information in regards to the expedition schedule, info, and team. 


July 20-23

Meet the Team

We are still awaiting final confirmations on some attending team members.


Lodging in Jamaica is in Long Bay, Portland, Jamaica. Shamayim has rented bungalows at the private beach villa overlooking the ocean.

Each bungalow sleeps 2. Enjoy the most breath taking view on the entire island. Friendly neighborhood, and family oriented, happy people. Steps away to a mile of white sand beach, quiet and peaceful. 15 mile radius to all of the major shoot locations.

Bungalow 1 Rucely and Sherica

Bungalow 2 Kevin and Denise


Flight Schedule // We will post each person't flight schedule here once we receive flight itenirary. All flights should arrive in Kingston. Please arrive before 10am. The villa is 2.5 hours from the airport and we have arranged transportation from the airport to leave at 10am. If you arrive after that time you will have to pay a private taxi and that can be very expensive.

July 20

Shamayim arrives at 9:30am

Sherica arrives at 9:30am

Rucely arrives at 9:34am

Sabrea arrives 9:34am

This is arrival day for the expedition. There are no scheduled shoots for this date. There will be private drivers awaiting everyone at the airport to take the group to Long Bay. The drive is about 2.5- 3 hours. Dress comfortably and please no large suitcases.

July 21

Shoot day at the Blue Lagoon

Private rafts at the Blue Lagoon are $25 per person for 30 minutes. Not required. No admission price to the Blue Lagoon.

July 22

Shoot day at Reach Falls. This is a rainforrest location. Please come prepared for an extensive hike into the rainforrest. There is an admission fee of $10 that includes wetshoe rental which is required and the guide.

July 23

Departure Date. Please arrange your return flight for the late afternoon.



Things to Know

  • There will be a lot of walking in Jamaica. Please come prepared to be very mobile.
  • Taxis / Uber rides are NOT included in your expedition rate.
  • Food and tourism is NOT included in your expedition rate.
  • Breakfast and Dinner are provided at the villa for an additional fee.
  • You will need a lot of bugspray.
  • You will need loose clothing. Jamaica is very humid and very hot.
  • Please bring a first aid kit.
  • Schdules and Iteniraries change often and short notice.
  • Please research the currency exchange rate.
  • Photographers, please do not forget your cameras, batteries, computers, external hard drives, memory cards.
  • Everyone will be held liable for property damages on the villa. This means that your name is on the liability account if you stay at the villa.
  • Any unlawful activities, violence in anyway, or inappropriate behavior while on set or in the penthouse will result in police intervention. This is for the protection of the whole.
  • There will be a schedule for the expedition that will compliment the whole group. Please do not exceed designated call times.
  • Please make certain you at least three people within the group has your direct contact number.
  • We must move as a group when on location. Our transportation will not wait on tardy individuals, we want everyone to have enough time to get their shots. This can not be if one or two people are tardy to a call time.
  • Everyone is responsible for helping the wardrobe stylist transport and maintain the wardrobe, this includes models and photographers. 
  • Please tip for meals and drivers.

On location in beautiful Jamaica with fashion photographer Shamayim during his 2016 Jamaica Photo Shoot Expedition