Iceland 2018

Greetings everyone. This page is dedicated to the details of the upcoming Iceland Expedition. This page will be updated frequently with information in regards to the expedition schedule, info, and team. 


Aug 24-27 2018

Meet the Team

We are still awaiting final confirmations on some attending team members. This list does not include individuals who are already based in Iceland.


Lodging will be as centralized to the primary shooting locations as possible. Please keep in mind that this will be group lodging.

There will be no private room accommodations. We will be assigning rooms by gender and confirming room assignments according to when we receive flight accommodations. We will update this page accordingly.


Things to Know

  • Iceland is one of the most expensive countries in the world. Please be prepared.
  • Bring or buy the right clothes. Bring waterproof (not water resistant) pants and shoes. Definitely plan on layering and have clothing that wicks away any wiffiness you may produce after a long day of activities.

  • We will  be doing a lot of the meals in-house to save money. You are welcome to eat at the restaurants but you are warned that they are all very expensive. We will take up money from the group that would prefer to save money and cook.

  • There will be a lot of walking / hiking in Iceland. Please come prepared to be very mobile.
  • Food and tourism is NOT included in your expedition rate.
  • Schedules and Itineraries change often and short notice.
  • Please research the currency exchange rate.
  • Photographers, please do not forget your cameras, batteries, computers, external hard drives, memory cards.
  • Everyone will be held liable for property damages at the lodging. This means that your name is on the liability account if you stay with the team.
  • There will be a shooting schedule issued. Each photographer will have assigned times to shoot with a model. This prevents wardrobe from being shot twice by different photographers. No two photographers should have the same look on a model.
  • Each photographer will be the director of their own shoots, concepts, and production. We ask that each photographer respect another photographers vision and NOT shoot over another photographer's shoulder.
  • Photographers ask your models what kind of images do they need / Models ask your photographers what kind of images do they need.
  • Photographer's are encouraged to organize wardrobe according to their own visions. 
  • No illegal drugs are allowed at all on any part of this expedition. That includes marijuana.
  • Any unlawful activities, violence in anyway, or inappropriate behavior while on set or in the penthouse will result in police intervention. This is for the protection of the whole.
  • There will be a schedule for the expedition that will compliment the whole group. Please do not exceed designated call times.
  • Please make certain that at least three people within the group has your direct contact number.
  • We must move as a group when on location. Our transportation will not wait on tardy individuals, we want everyone to have enough time to get their shots. This can not be if one or two people are tardy to a call time.
  • Photographers do not ask the models to shoot nude. If the models wish to shoot nude they will let you know, please do not ask.


Flight Schedule

  • We will post each person't flight schedule here once we receive flight itenirary. You will need to arrive in Reykjavik (KEF). Please book your arrival as close to Shamayim's as possible. Your return flight will need to be in the late afternoon / evening.

SHAMAYIM arrives on Aug 24th at 10:45am


Images of Iceland