Dominican Republic 2018

Greetings everyone. This page is dedicated to the details of the upcoming Dominican Republic Expedition. 



April 14-17 2018

Meet the Team


Shamayim 9:29 AM JetBlue 849 / Departure 3:22pm

Drew 9:29 AM JetBlue 849 / 

Kate 9:29 AM JetBlue 849

Uniqua 9:29 AM JetBlue 849 / Departure 3:30pm

Upon arrival you will travel as a group to the lodging location. Please take notice that check-in is at 2pm and the group arrives early. 

There are no scheduled shoots for arrival day.


High end 2 story penthouse in the sky. Penthouse is a 700meter masterpiece. As you walk through the front door you are met with an amazing view of the carribean ocean,downtown Santo Domingo and endless skys. The penthouse is fully equipt with a gourmet island kitchen with viking appliances. The living room and dining room are staged with designer furnishings, tray ceilings and recess lighting. The master bedroom is 400m with a wall of glass overlooking the terrace and unparallel views.

The space

My place is very unique to Santo Domingo on it size alone. The feel of the penthouse is more of a luxury home than that of an apartment. The kitchen is equipt with all stainless steel viking appliances for meal preperations. The place is located in a residencial area unlike mosy other places that are in mix use areas commercial and residencial.

The building is in a upscale enviroment with very consevative residents. guest must use the secondary elevator that does not need a code in order to not compramise the security of permanant residents. No displays of public affection or what the residents might consider lude behavior. Once inside guest are to be mindful to take care of the apartment treat it as it were your own. Security is very tight at this building, if asked you are a guest of Charles the owner of the Penthouse. Please dress appropriately at all times while in the public area of the building.

Sleeping Arrangements

Room 1 (M) Shamayim

Room 2 Uniqua and Kate

Room 3 Drew

Room 4 Dillon


Things to Know


  • Taxis / Uber rides are NOT included in your expedition rate.
  • Food and tourism is NOT included in your expedition rate.
  • Schdules and Iteniraries change often and short notice.
  • Please research the currency exchange rate.
  • Photographers, please do not forget your cameras, batteries, computers, external hard drives, memory cards.
  • Everyone will be held liable for property damages on the penthouse. This means that your name is on the liability account if you stay at the penthouse.
  • There will be a shooting schedule issued. Each photographer will have assigned times to shoot with a model. This prevents wardrobe from being shot twice by different photographers. No two photographers should have the same look on a model.
  • Each photographer will be the director of their own shoots, concepts, and production. We ask that each photographer respect another photographers vision and NOT shoot over another photographer's shoulder.
  • Photographers ask your models what kind of images do they need / Models ask your photographers what kind of images do they need/ Everyone ask the wardrobe stylist what she needs.
  • Photographer's are encouraged to organize wardrobe according to their own visions. 
  • No illegal drugs are allowed at all on any part of this expedition. That includes marijuana.
  • Any unlawful activities, violence in anyway, or inappropriate behavior while on set or in the penthouse will result in police intervention. This is for the protection of the whole.
  • There will be a schedule for the expedition that will compliment the whole group. Please do not exceed designated call times.
  • Please make certain you at least three people within the group has your direct contact number.
  • We must move as a group when on location. Our transportation will not wait on tardy individuals, we want everyone to have enough time to get their shots. This can not be if one or two people are tardy to a call time.
  • Photographers do not ask the models to shoot nude. If the models wish to shoot nude they will let you know, please do not ask.


  • Please bring your makeup and hair kit. 
  • Please bring several outfits in assorted styles. Contact local designers in which you can pull wardrobe for.
  • Please try and condense your luggage as much as possible.