Photography Assistants

Date: Must be available for full day April 26 or 27

Location: Must be available in Miami on project dates.

Fashion photographer Shamayim is currently seeking 2nd Photography Assistants. Each individual should have an extensive understanding of Shamayim's previous work, location lighting techniques, and knowledge of their positions. Experience is a must. Professionals and Students may apply. Non Paid positions. Must have your own vehicle.

Photography Assistant

Assistant Photographer must do whatever is necessary to ensure that Shamayim's production runs smoothly. This involves preparing sets, checking that all equipment is functioning properly, setting up lighting and accessories, taking meter readings, uploading files to digital tech and backup.

Assistant Photographer will help out with general administration, keeping the sets clean and organized. They will be expected to catalogue and optimise digital files, to scan film and to assist with image manipulation and enhancement. 

They will also keep records of the exposures, lighting set-ups, as well as the names and details of art directors, models, stylists, and other contributors. When clients are present during a shoot, it is the Assistant Photographer's job to play host and shield Shamayim from unnecessary interruptions.

Assistant Photographer will also be responsible for BTS photos, videos, and social media posting during the duration of the production.


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