Shamayim is a major talent as a global fashion photographer. He has a knack for making both the fashion and model seamlessly one and beautiful. Not unlike a 21st century Gordon Parks, Shamayim often shoots at exotic locations to create not just an environment but a backstory for the fashion and a lifestyle for the beauty.”
— Aaron Bryant, curator at Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture
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SHAMAYIM {shaw-mah'-yim) is a professional photographer with a concentration in fashion, editorial, advertising, and beauty. His work has become synonymous with exotic locations and dramatic story telling concepts. SHAMAYIM's work can be seen gracing magazines and advertising campaigns in the United States, South Africa, Egypt, United Kingdom, France, Italy,The Caribbean, and the United Arab Emirates.

On Feb 23rd 2017 Shamayim was listed as TIME Magazine's "12 African American Photographers you should be following" right now".

Shamayim has been recognized by Aaron Bryant curator the Smithsonian, National Museum of African American History and Culture.

SHAMAYIM has worked with numerous established brands including Loreal Inc, Fashion Fair Cosmetics, Mizani, Lamborghini, Lou La Vi, BMW, Canon, DJI, Zara, Ocean Rebel, Dexter Gill, Shop Apes, C.E Clothier, Citizen ECigar, amongst many others.

Shamayim is currently the Editor and Chief of The Shacaro Luxury Book.

Brand Instagram @shamayim

Personal Instagram @shamayim.shacaro